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Hello my name is Tigerlily, I am a self taught baker based in the heart of Worcestershire. 

As well as my love for leopard print and wildflowers I've also always had a love for baking, it was something I just couldn't wait to do the second I got through my Nan & Paps front doors. My Sister and I would have many an argument over the whisks and who got to crack in the most eggs. Nan taught us all the Classics, I still remember all the cooking books of Nans mothers mother etc... like antiques but the most exciting books to delve into.

I went to Art School in London at 16 which was an incredible experience. I have always been a creative soul, anything I could make, paint, draw or bake I would get stuck into entering my own little world of creative magic.

Life takes you on many a journey in which i've fallen in and out of my art but suddenly I realised I could channel my love for Art, my Creativeness and Passion for baking into Cake Making. 

During lockdown when my jobs came to a holt I bit the bullet and created LILY CAKE. Specifically specialising in beautiful buttercream cakes.

Lily Cake will create a bespoke Occasion cake of your dreams. 

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